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PPSSPP Git (2013/06/10)

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Emulador PPSSPP em sua versão de desenvolvimento (2013/06/10) na Git é um emulador de PSP para Windows 7, Windows 8, Android, Mac OS X (OSX) e linux, desenvolvido em linguagem de programação C++, lançado dia 10 de Junho de 2013 para download completo e grátis, ele também é compatível com versões 64 bits do Windows Seven e Windows 8.

Site : Emurama
Todos emuladores : Baixar Emuladores
Outros emuladores : Baixar Emuladores de PSP
Versões anteriores : Baixar PPSSPP Android

Release : PPSSPP Git (2013/06/10)
Nome do emulador : PPSSPP Android
Versão : Git (2013/06/10) (Git 2013/06/10)
Plataforma/Console/Video-Game : PSP para Android

* Merge pull request #2187 from unknownbrackets/fbo-update
Update the framebuffer directly on sceDmacCopy()
* Fix memcpy to framebuffer to not invalidate.
This is much better.
* Clear currentRenderVfb_ when fbo_unbinding.
At least, not doing this caused glitches somewhere else, seems right.
* Add a better signal for VRAM copies in the GPU.
* Merge pull request #2186 from unknownbrackets/sas-minor2
Add some error handling in sceSas, delay sceSasCore()
* Revert #1974, the other fixes are better.
This is no longer needed for games I have, and it breaks Final Fantasy
Tactics’ sound effects.
Looking at JPCSP for insight, I saw that it re-enables loops if you set a
voice even with a different address (I think?) but that seems strange.
* Delay in sceSasCore per tests.
Not sure if this fixes anything, but scheduling issues can be tricky.
* Don’t restart release on double keyoff.
Fixes Kingdom Hearts bug, #2066.
* Validate parameters in sceSasInit().
* Merge pull request #2185 from unknownbrackets/sas-minor
Correct envelope scaling in sas mixing
* Correct envelope scaling in sas mixing.
Sound effects seem a bit loud, but this matches what JPCSP does and I’ve
added comments based on my understanding of it. It makes sense.
This makes all the sounds that never get muted when the envelope hits 0 go
away. Hurray.
Thanks to help from @i1x.
* Merge pull request #2184 from unknownbrackets/thread-funcs
Return correct errors on terminating thread
* Return correct errors on terminating thread.
Fixes Final Fantasy 4 hangs when playing videos a second time.
* Add 36×36 icon for android. Fixes #2168
* Shortcut IdentifyFile (which is now used by GameInfoCache) by trusting the file extensions.
* Merge pull request #2177 from oioitff/mpeg-fix
Improve mpeg timestamp.
* Improve mpeg timestamp.
Read 6 bytes timestamp instead.
* Merge pull request #2171 from unknownbrackets/psmfplayer
Don’t delay psmf video when the audio has ended
* Don’t delay psmf video when the audio has ended.
Lunar shows logos without any audio, which means the audio pts is always
0. That meant it delayed more each frame…
* Merge pull request #2169 from unknownbrackets/rtti
Add a safety check for non-rtti
* Add a safety check for non-rtti.
* Merge pull request #2170 from oioitff/mpeg-fix
Improve some functions for scePsmfPlayer.
* Improve some functions for scePsmfPlayer.
Fix video end issue for Mahou Shoujo Nanoha A’s Portable: The Gears of
* Revert extra regs allocation. Causes some crashes with ffmpeg.
* Merge pull request #2167 from oioitff/atrac-fix
Improve Atrac id generating and fix crash.
* Improve Atrac id generating and fix crash.
* Unlock the other 16 regs that are available for NEON.

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